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Time goes by

[mood: sleppy]
[music: Girugamesh - Jarring Fly]

Today's the third day I'm back in Hanoi. I"m really happy to be here again, cause the stay Hai Phong wasn't the best. In Hanoi I have cousins I can talk with. And they are so lovely! Make me don't need Germany Don't know why I hadn't enough courage to talk to them. x) It makes a lot of fun. Last night we didn't sleep, cause we were talking. I like them more and more. They are different then before, not the little children they used to be anymore. I'm really surprised. lol But I don't stay for a long time. So we don't have much time together. At first I thought 4 weeks alone will be really disgusting, but now it seems to be too short. I will really miss them... and really looking forward to next year. It just can become better, I hope! x)
27.7.07 10:41

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